Best Performers Leadership Program

conducted by Full Life Coaching for the Foundation of Goodness

This program was conducted by the Full Life team for the best performers of Foundation of Goodness which comprised of a collection of talented individuals from a variety of areas such as sewing, baking, sports such as cricket and swimming and beauty culture.

A full day was spent discovering the different angles of leadership, while recognizing their values, strengths and limitations. A series of creative therapeutic techniques were conducted tailor made for self discovery and leadership motivation made this program stand out.

Rural Youth Development Program through mentoring in association with Holy Trinity Foundation

The RYDP is a two layered program which has been developed with the aim of community development. The program identifies and trains individuals in the community as ‘mentors’ who are delegated to youth from the community to develop them to their potential. The mentors and youth are to build a mentoring relationship for a 12 month period. Developmental workshops for the youth are also conducted simultaneously.

Activity based leadership training

The activity based leadership training program is a one day workshop aimed to develop an understanding and appreciation of leadership and its’ related skills through a simulated activity. Program is suited for community leaders.

RYDM through mentoring

Can be launched in other communities

Health wellness program

Full Life advocates for a fulfilled life – health is an important part of that. The health wellness program is an initiative developed by Full Life Coaching that advocates a healthy lifestyle through a holistic health training approach inclusive of coaching, and holistic personal development.

Diabetes wellness program.

Diabetes is one of the biggest killers in Sri Lanka. The diabetes wellness program is a community initiative developed by Full Life Coaching that aims to reduce the incidence of diabetes by combining several approaches including health coaching to help individuals live a more fulfilled and healthy life.

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