• Towards Success in Higher Education in Engineering and Technology: A coaching approach to develop holistic graduates

  • Complete and Competent Engineers: A Coaching Model To Developing Holistic Graduates

  • Validation of a Holistic Coaching Model in Fostering Growth in Individuals in the Post-War Communities through Creative Therapies

  • Building Human Capital in Organizations through Corporate Social Responsibility- A holistic coaching approach

  • Holistic Success in Higher Education in Engineering and Technology: A coaching approach towards developing complete graduates.

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Higher Education

Samani, S., Woodman, K., Trevelyan, J. P., Taji, A., Narayanaswamy, R., Silva, P., & Yarlagadda, P. K. (2012, December 3-5). Higher Degree Research at Australian Universities: Responding to Diversity in Engineering and Information Technology. Paper presented at the Australasian Association for Engineering Education, Melbourne.

Yarlagadda, K D V., Trevelyan, J., Sharda, H., Silva, P., Samani, S., Woodman, K., Sahama, T.,Taji, A.,Narayanaswamy, R., Lucey, A. , 2013. PP10-1771 A model for research supervision of international students: engineering and information technology disciplines, Final Report (Published OLT)

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Our approach to growth and performance is founded on scientific research and analysis. We are committed to a multidisciplinary approach to helping individuals grow holistically and draw from research in fields as unique as biomedical engineering, biomechanics, neuroscience, organizational psychology, coaching, higher education teaching and learning and life sciences. This we believe gives us a unique advantage, in that we are able to draw from many different fields of human performance. Accordingly we develop our tools and programs aimed at helping individuals and organizations identify growth barriers and promote sustainable growth. We present to the scientific community our findings via peer reviewed conference papers and journal publications.

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