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  • The Holy Trinity Foundation began partnering with Full Life coaching in the latter part of 2015. In January 2016 we began a youth leadership development program in Galle. It was a pilot project, designed by Full Life Coaching to be implemented within a span of 16 months. Nine mentors were trained to work with eighteen youth for one year. The aim was to develop their life skills and to support these youth individually, to become skilled, responsible individuals, who will give back to society and mentor other youth like themselves in the future. The Holy trinity foundation has been pleased with the work of Full Life Coaching. They prepare well for their program and are skilled facilitators. The mentors and the youth in the program have gained a lot of knowledge. We have watched the youth grow and develop new skills. What is most encouraging about this coaching team is their humility, team work and flexibility. As a partner, they have always been open minded and easy to work with, while remaining professional. The amount of preparation, enthusiasm and creativity with which the programs are designed and implemented are indeed heartening. We have six more months of the program to complete, after which we hope to continue working together, in order to further empower and strengthen vulnerable communities. Thank you Full Life Coaching for your dedication and commitment.
    The Holy Trinity Foundation Youth Development through Mentoring Program (2015-2016)
  • Pujitha was such a gentle and humble soul in many ways..While giving us how we should harness our resources and should conduct a meaningful and fruitful discussion, he also gave us enough room to have a little laughter and fun. He was also very respectful of our ideas and thoughts! So his behaviour just drew us more into the activities and learn more about what a true leader should be with his or her given resources.
    Rev.Fr.Asitha Hettiarachchi St.Thomas Church, Pita Kotte (Leadership Program for Community Leaders)
  • To me this was more than just a training. It added a new perspective to me on how to deal with my day to day office and personal life. It made me realize that there is a different way of looking at problems. There are many ‘problems’ that people have, which we can talk and put them to the correct thinking pattern and create a great change” In my office, I have started talking to my team members in a new way, and I feel I am able to develop them to become better people .in terms of how things are approached. Personally, I have felt that I have changed after the coaching sessions and training in terms of approaching to different matters. I think more, and act better with a purpose when I am dealing with people in my life. Overall this has been a great program and I enjoyed it a lot and am very grateful to the team behind this success
    Dilum Fernando Manager - Group Corporate Planning and Operational Strategy Division Dialog Axiata PLC (CMDP Dialog 2015)
  • Coaching is something we have been doing in our work/home life environment. However, how to do it in a proper manner was made clear to us through this training program. Really a useful exercise and thanks for the time and effort.
    Muditha Wijesundara Manager - Group Business Control Dialog Axiata PLC (Dialog Coaching For Results 2016)
  • Puji helped me greatly as a coach in helping me to clarify, expand, and direct my thoughts. He did this by asking the hard questions and following a framework which was logical and one that made sense. He was patient in taking me through this process, sorting a mess of seemingly conflicting thoughts to come to measurable, directed actions. He also supported me beyond our coaching sessions by checking in with me and how I was progressing with my actions. I found Puji's help to be valuable and wise. Thanks Puji!
    Joseph Lee Engineer SKM, Brisbane Australia
  • Being a Technical Manager, most of the time our practice is to give solutions for the concerns of team members straightaway rather than listen to them openly. However these coaching sessions open another way of thinking that the problem can be resolved getting the full involvement of the team member.
    Ganganath Amarawickrama Unit Manager - Software Quality Assurance and ControlDialog Axiata PLC (Dialog Coaching For Results 2016)
  • It has been a great journey throughout the coaching sessions as it was so refreshing in terms of making me aware of the do's and don'ts when we are trying to coach someone as giving suggestions does not always work. Thank You Dr. Pujitha and the team.
    Dinara Wagawatte Senior Manager - Retail OperationsDialog Axiata PLC (CMDP Dialog 2015)
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